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"It is our laser-like focus on becoming billionaires that separates Aquirus from our competitors..."

--Aquirus CDO Steve Isaacson

"Before Aquirus, no major internet-based company in the world dared announce its presence with such an air of insubstantiality."

--Aquirus CCO Chuck Evans

"I agree with what Chuck said."

--Aquirus CNO Larry Jacobs

Company History

In January of 1999, a seismic event shook the dot-com landscape: Excite.com, a search engine portal with little hope of profitability, was acquired by AT&T for a record 6.7 billion dollars in cash. Future Aquirus CDO Pete "Peter" Andrijeski, at that time a little known worker in the software industry, noted the aquisition with the response that would become the rallying cry of Aquirus Corp., observing "Dang, that would be neat to be a billionaire."

Thus did the mustard seed of Aquirus land upon the pavement of the Information Super Highway. It required nothing else to reach fruition but a small gust of entrepenurial wind, nudging it to the nurturing earth of the median strip. That gust came in the form of four extraordinary visionaries -- Larry "Lawrence" Jacobs, Chuck "Charles" Evans, Charlie "Chuck" Montgomery and Steve "Steve" Isaacson.

The four shared Andrijeski's deep concern over a business niche entirely overlooked by contemporary online commerce sites, i.e. the niche of transferring billions of dollars into their personal bank accounts. They were captivated by Andrijeski's goal of a virtual corporation driven totally by a vision, undistracted by a cumbersome development methodology, and encumbered with the complex and obsolete acoutrements of the Old Economy.

The five "Aquirans," as they would come to be called (along with some less complimentary names), worked tirelessly toward their new goal, together investing multiple hours into an effort that would eventually lead to over a half dozen pages of HTML.

Montgomery explains, "Any number of corporations claim to be focussed on a vision, but how many of them have the commitment to maintain that focus as their customers demand specific content, products, and services? How many have the organizational discipline to avoid being thrown off course by popular taste or consumer demand? Aquirus is nothing less than the most focussed corporation in the entire world of e-commerce."

The founders' vision was honed on the hard streets of the information superhighway. Andrijeski cites the lessons learned in the failure of ECuts.com, the online barber shop that was his first e-commerce venture. "The adoption curve was way too flat," he explains, "people just were not ready for the concept of online haircuts." The experience lead him to forever depart the business model dependent on products, customers, and value, and to move toward the burgeoning e-commerce site aquistion market.

"Obviously Aquirus did not invent the concept of the obtuse corporation," notes Evans. "Take, for example, Baulderstone Hornibrook. But we have pushed the boundaries of what it means to stand for something unclear into entirely unheard of areas. Before Aquirus, no major internet-based company in the world dared announce its presence with such an air of insubstantiality." Larry Jacobs expands on that concept, adding "Yeah, it's just like Chuck says."

Issacson adds , "It is our laser-like focus on becoming billionaires that separates Aquirus from our competitors, who confuse success in the equity markets with specifics about their quote-unquote 'products and services' or 'paths to profitability'. Our mission is simple and direct: get acquired for billions of dollars without having to get too specific about what we intend to provide in return. As our motto states, we are The Appearance of ValueSM."

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