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Aquirus founder, visionary, and CNO Steve Isaacson cited Microsoft's "mindless fixation on products," as a drawback in competition with Aquirus. "It's a virtual world," Isaacson explains, "and Aquirus provides the customer virtual value."

Few financial experts predicted that dominant corporations like Microsoft would see their stock total surpassed by a privately held venture with no discernible products or services. "If we listened to the experts, we would have never started Aquirus," notes CCO Chuck "Charles" Evans. "The financial world is slow to catch on to the new internet economy. They are too mired in obsolete concepts like P/E ratio, paths to profitability, revenue, and profits."

Financial Disclosure

October 1999: Aquirus Tops Microsoft

In just it's first eight months, Aquirus stock (symbol: @§¥Æ) soared past Microsoft, leading to the inevitable bidding war for the latest hot e-commerce property. The October 4, 1999 2-for-1 split in Aquirus stock brought the total outstanding stock to 16 billion shares, virtually quadrupling Microsoft (4.98 billion shares outstanding). The unprecedented growth in Aquirus shares from it's relatively modest original distribution of 125 million shares has come off the strength of seven stock splits since shares were originally issued at Aquirus's founding on 4/1/98. The explosive growth is even more impressive contrasted with that of Microsoft, which as split only 8 times since it's IPO and only once since Aquirus was formed (see chart below).

Having a large amount of privately issued stock has also contributed to Aquirus's ability to attract top e-commerce talent. "Given that we've had little if any revenue, it can be a challenge to get commitments from top talent in the competitive high tech market," admitted Aquirus HR Director and CMO Charles "Charlie" Montgomery. "It's a tremendous help when you can offer a new hire 1,000 options, or even just offer 500 options for a particular contribution." Montgomery does not go out of his way to mention revenue numbers or the fact that the 1,000 shares is less than a major position with 63 billion shares outstanding. "We're not seeking math majors here," he explains.

Stock Split Comparison
Aquirus SplitsMSFT splits
10/4/99 2:13/26/99 2:1
8/6/99 2:12/20/98 2:1
6/20/99 2:112/6/96 2:1
4/1/99 2:15/20/94 2:1
1/4/99 2:16/12/92 3:2
8/16/99 2:16/26/91 3:2
4/1/98*4/12/90 2:1
9/18/87 2:1
* Initial stock issue