May 14, 2000

A Reply to Mr. Rush Limbaugh

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

On your program of May 11th, 2000, I was quite surprised to hear Aquirus Inc. cited as a part of the Gay Agenda. While it appears that our cuddly mascot Twink® has been rather adopted by certain persons active in this area, I can assure you this was through no intention (and the great surprise) of the Aquirus Marketing Department which originated the character.

I cannot attest specifically to whether Twink® and Aquirus are part of the Gay agenda, as I have repeatedly tried to locate this agenda to no avail. But I can assure you that neither I nor any executive manager at Aquirus has been contacted to be a part of this meeting. Since you seem to have considerable knowledge of the meeting and agenda, I respectfully request that you forward a copy of the Gay agenda and any associated minutes or notes, esp. as they may pertain to the intellectual property of Aquirus Inc.

As a courtesy, we would hope that you would correct on the air and as soon as possible the lingering impression that Aquirus is actively involved in the meetings and plans of the gays. You may wish to note that in light of this controversy, the Twink® character is in the process of being retired, to be replaced by a new (unmistakably heterosexual and masculine) character Butch the Bear®, who comes with his own motorcycle and leather riding chaps.

Clinton W. Fesko
President, CNO
Aquirus Inc.