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A note
from the
on the
so-called "Employee
of the
Month Curse"

March, 2000

George Lau

E-mail: george.lau@smirknet.com

Department: Board Member At Large

February, 2000

Robert Rancour

E-mail: robert.rancour@smirknet.com

Department: Acquisitions/Finance

January, 2000

Lou Christopherson

E-mail: lou.christopherson@smirknet.com

Department: Benefits Coordinator

December, 1999

Stephen Tableau

E-mail: stablea001@smirknet.com

Department: Facilities Management

November, 1999

Adam "Silky" Pendleton

E-mail: adam.pendleton@smirknet.com

Department: Payroll Administrator

October, 1999

Carlton Seaborn, Jr.

E-mail: carlton.seaborn@smirknet.com

Department: Development

September, 1999

Zig "Flossy" Florovsky

E-mail: flossy@smirknet.com

Department: Sales

August, 1999

Betty Ujamaa-Shabazz

E-mail: betty.ujamaa.shabazz@smirknet.com

Department: Public Relations

July, 1999

Hannu-Matti Järvinen

E-mail: hannu@smirknet.com

Department: Facilities Engineering

June, 1999

Chico Espreza

E-mail: chico.espreza@smirknet.com

Department: Support

May, 1999

Piergiovanni Salimbeni

E-mail: pete@smirknet.com

Department: Development

April, 1999

Dita Salimbeni

E-mail: dita@smirknet.com

Department: Marketing

March, 1999

Chuck Evans

E-mail: chucke@smirknet.com

Department: Web Marketing Manager

February, 1999

Earl Shelp

E-mail: eshelp@smirknet.com

Department: ??

January, 1999

Dita Greenberg

E-mail: dita@smirknet.com

Department: Marketing

December, 1998

William L. Mackie III

E-mail: williamm@smirknet.com

Department: Support

November, 1998

William L. Mackie Jr.

E-mail: billm@smirknet.com

Department: Support

October, 1998

Dita Greenberg

E-mail: dita@smirknet.com

Department: Marketing

September, 1998

Jade Nightwatch

E-mail: jnightwatch@smirknet.com

Department: Reception

August, 1998

Dita Greenberg

E-mail: dita@smirknet.com

Department: Marketing

July, 1998

Screed Johansen

E-mail: screed@smirknet.com

Department: VP Engineering

June, 1998

Jason Quirk

E-mail: jasonq@smirknet.com

Department: Shipping

May, 1998

Missy Penderwhistle

E-mail: missy@smirknet.com

Department: Office Manager

April, 1998

Nettie Ann Wolpert

E-mail: nettie@smirknet.com

Department: Crane Operator

March, 1998

Tamara Zi

E-mail: tamara.zi@smirknet.com

Department: Sales

February, 1998

Norton Featherstone

E-mail: norton@smirknet.com

Department: Sales